Welcome to Toca Life: Office! Watch the Gameplay Trailer Here

Parker Barry

What do grown-ups really do at work all day? In Toca Life: Office, kids get to tell stories about office life the way they imagine it!

TocaOffice_Office_Assets_IconToca Life: Office looks a lot like a regular office — kids can have everyday fun with laptops, printers and copy machines; have lunch in the cafe; and get cash from the bank. But in Toca Life, even simple office life can lead to an exciting adventure! Find hidden surprises. Hop into a helicopter. Turn regular people into superheroes!

Kids can explore six locations:

  • Daycare. Little ones can play instruments, splash in mud, grow plants outside and slide down the slide on their playground.
  • Bank. The vault holds valuable things and keeps them safe and secure. But if the alarm is triggered, it’s time to spring into action.
  • Office. Use the printer to print documents, then make copies with the copy machine. In the fancy office, solve the desk puzzle to discover an exciting secret.
  • Rooftop. Experiment with food in the cafe to discover new recipes. The rooftop also has a helicopter waiting on the landing pad for when you need to make a quick getaway.
  • Courthouse. Do some detective work and solve a crime. Hold a trial and announce the verdict. Shhh…there’s a secret exit in the jail — will someone escape?
  • Apartment. After a long day, make yourself at home. Cook a meal, take a nap, even wash your clothes in the washing machine.

Watch the trailer to see Toca Life: Office in action.

Get Toca Life: Office on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore.

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