Wow Your Kids with These Easter Eggs, Fun Facts and Other Goodies from Toca Life: School!

Parker Barry
Daniel Abensour


Has your kid discovered all the Easter eggs and other goodies in Toca Life: School? We asked Daniel Abensour, lead artist on Toca Life: School, for the inside scoop. It’s up to you whether you want to give your kid a hint or two. 😉

The School

Use_School Tip_Stink Bomb

Find the hidden stink bombs! When you tap them, they release an unbearable cloud of stink!

Use_School Tips_Computer

Play around on the laptop a bit. The computer will design the Toca Boca logo!

Use_School Tips_Sprinklers

Tap the sprinklers to launch some water-spraying action. Tip: Don’t try this at home. Or school.

The Cafeteria

Use_School Tips_Recipes

Combine foods to get some crazy recipes!

The Youth Club

Use_School Tips_Vending Machine

Crumpet is happy in her vending machine home. When she’s outside, she’s sad … but you can help her get home through tele-trash-portation!

And … the Mascot!

Use_School Tips_Mascot

Hootie hoo … who’s this creature, you wonder? Why, it’s the school mascot! Tap the owl to hear its call.

Has your kid discovered any other surprises in Toca Life: School? Let us know on Facebook!

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