Kid’s-Eye View Photo Series: My Backpack!

Parker Barry

To celebrate the launch of Toca: Life School, our friends Kanoka and Takuto in Japan and Cadence in California shared the contents of their backpacks with us! What’s in your kid’s backpack?

Kanoka’s Backpack

1_TocaBoca_KidsEye_KANOKA_BACKPACK2_TocaBoca_KidsEye_KANOKA_BACKPACKIn Japan, most of the elementary students use a backpack called “randoseru” for six years, from first grade to sixth grade. There are so many things to bring to school on Mondays! I also have to bring my musical scores for trumpet every day because I belong to a brass band and I have morning lessons every day.

  • Contents of my backpack and side bag are: textbooks, notebooks, luncheon mat, white coat, indoor shoes, calligraphy tools, writing mat and a pencil case.
  • The white coat is for lunch time. The students take turns serving lunch to the students. About eight students bring the trays and the meal to the classroom and serve lunch for the rest of the students in their class. When we serve lunch we have to wear the white coat and the hat. We take the white coat back home to wash and hand the clean white coat to the next student.
  • We need indoor shoes to enter our school building. We bring them back on weekends, wash them and bring them to school on Mondays.
  • Picture No. 2 includes my calligraphy bag. We bring brushes and other tools when we have calligraphy lesson at school.

 Takuto’s Backpack


I go to school with a backpack called “randoseru.” Mine is black, but there are many color variations. We use “randoseru” for six years.

  • Contents of my backpack: textbooks, notebooks, pencil case, luncheon mat, indoor shoes, clothing for physical education, and an alphabet keyboard chart.
  • We need to change to our indoor shoes to enter the school building.
  • We change clothes for physical education.
  • We’ve started to have computer lessons at school and learn to type. I use the alphabet keyboard chart as a guide.

Cadence’s Backpack


  • This school year, I started with a plain black backpack and painted it to personalize it.
  • My backpack contains a water bottle, a binder (I had Social Studies homework on this day so I brought that binder home), two sketchbooks, notebooks and lots of different tools for writing: markers, pens, pencils, colored pencils, etc. My mom often comments on how heavy my backpack is, but this day it wasn’t too bad.
  • I attend a school for the arts. So, in addition to my backpack I carry an art bin full of the supplies I’ll need for the day, my lunch, a case of Copic markers, art projects, etc.

Ever wonder what it’s like to see the world from the kids’ perspective? Toca Magazine asked kids around the globe to help grown-ups see the world in one of the very best ways: through the eyes of kids. With their photos and their own words, 10 amazing kids from six continents offer everyone a fresh perspective on four topics we can all relate to: lunch, getting around, style and finding a happy place.

The Kid’s-Eye View kids used mobile phones to take photos that truly represent their own perspective. We’ve also included a few photos taken by a helper (usually a parent or sibling) to give a complementary view of the kids’ world.

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