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News, collaborations and new releases
Parent's Survival Guide: The Sanity Edition

Your ultimate guide for how to answer your kids gazillion questions about Toca Boca Days!

Toca Boca X Conan Gray

Toca Boca World players can embrace every version of themselves with Conan Gray’s styles and music, and five free gifts.

It's Pride Party time!

Time to party for Pride! Players can get decorations and rainbow-inspired gifts from the Post Office in Toca Boca World!

Toca Boca Days: a new multiplayer game

Set in the Toca Boca universe, it's the ultimate tween playground for social connection and self expression!

Toca Boca World

Build a world, create characters and tell stories!

Toca Boca Days

Hang out, make friends, have fun!

Toca Boca Jr

One app, tons of fun

Toca Boca X Gray

Introducing our first ever artist
We’ve teamed up with global superstar Conan Gray to inspire our players to celebrate their individuality. Toca Boca World players can embrace every version of themselves by exploring iconic Conan Gray styles for free in Character Creator, dancing along to their favorite Conan Gray songs and claiming free gifts. This limited time collaboration was co-created with Conan Gray and is ALL about self-expression. We’re kicking off on June 14th with five days of free gifts leading up to the official launch on June 18th, and it will end on August 13th. Check out the article link above in our Highlights feed to read more!

What we value

This is an image of Leon, a character from Toca Boca World, holding a spray can and spraying onto a surface
This is an image of Rita, a character from Toca Boca World, standing with her arms crossed. She has her mouth open as if smiling widely or saying something
This is an image of two of the characters or avatars from Toca Boca Days. The character to the right has longer hair and is casually dressed in a red shirt and cool red and green cap with a red peak. They are holding what looks like a thickshake. The character to the right has a darker skin tone and is wearing an all black outfit with a purple watch. They have one arm around each other and are laughing and smiling. Both are winking at you but in their own style.

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