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Toca Boca Days

Hang out, make friends, have fun!

What is it
Toca Boca Days is a new online 3D multiplayer game created for everyone who likes Toca Boca, gaming and hanging out with friends.
Why players will love it
Players start by creating their own completely unique character, pick out a name and set out to explore the game. Since Toca Boca Days is a multiplayer game, participants will be able to add other players as friends and explore this ever-evolving world together, in a safe and fun environment.
Players can run, walk and swim their way through the game and express themselves with emotes like dancing or waving. They can also pick up a graffiti spray can and leave their mark on the world for everyone to see or try two-player movements like hugging and piggyback riding.
They can chat with other players using pre-written prompts and look for familiar faces as some Toca Boca characters are hiding out in the game!
Why players won't grow tired of it
Toca Boca Days will be constantly expanding, with ever more locations to discover, secrets to find and adventures to be had in the future. There will always be something exciting and new just around the corner!
Why it's safe
Though Toca Boca Days is a multiplayer game, interaction between players is safe since all in-game communication is carried out with the help of pre-written prompts.
When will it be released?
Toca Boca Days will be Live and available in Australia and New Zealand from May 2nd, with Sweden and Canada next in line! We'll be adding more and more countries gradually over time leading up to a global release. Stay tuned as we will be releasing a helpful parent guide in the coming weeks - packed with answers to all the questions your eager kids will have!
Where can I show my kid more about this game?
Kids can continue to keep updated and get involved by clicking through to our kid-friendly page.


Toca Boca Days is a creative and quirky game that brings the familiar Toca Boca universe into an online 3D setting. It’s a place for having fun together with new and old friends in an ever-evolving world that puts play and safety at the center.
Viva Ivarsson

Play Design Director