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See below for answers to common questions.

General Questions

  • Why are your apps not free?

  • We believe in making quality apps and products of all kinds for kids. Which means no distracting third-party advertising or micro-transactions.

    Our apps are typically $2.99 each but occasionally we make some of them free, be sure to stay up-to-date with our newsletter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • A digital toy or a game - what is the difference?

  • There are many similarities of course, but also several key differences. First and foremost, toys don’t have rules. Toys can be played with in any way and only your imagination sets those boundaries. In that sense, toys are more open ended and can be played with in many different ways. Digital toys are the same, but even more versatile as you fit so many of them in one device. Games, however, have specific rules, a “right or wrong” way of playing and often an emphasis on winning and losing. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is different.

    At Toca Boca we’ll be experimenting with both types, but we think there are too few digital toys for kids that challenge and stimulate their development and creativity. So that’s where we’re focusing our efforts for the moment.

  • How do I get in contact with you?

  • Send us your ideas, suggestions, fan mail or questions!

    Visit our Contact page and to the best way to send us a message or send a snail mail to one of our offices.

  • Do your run third-party ads in your apps?

  • No! We believe safety should come first which is why we don’t have any third party advertising in any of our products.

    On the starting screen of each app, there is a small icon, usually showing one of our latest releases or perhaps an app that is temporarily on sale or free. If you want to disable the feature, it’s easily done in your device’s Settings panel – just locate the Toca apps on the list there and toggle to off

  • I want to work with you! How do I apply?

  • Thanks for showing interest in working with us. Keep an eye on our job board by visiting our Careers Page to see if we have your dream position available!

  • What is your refund policy?

  • Unfortunately we can’t help with refunds on the App Store. You’ll have to visit their Support Page to claim your refund.

    If you’re not on iOS, please use the Contact Form to send us a message.

Apps - Apple/iOS Help

  • I have an older device. Will my device work?

  • Please see the App Store to find our your device compatibility with our apps.

  • I downloaded an app but it won't show up on my device.

  • Have you searched for the app? If you swipe to the left of the start page on your device, you find a search field where you can enter the name of the app you’re searching for.

    Otherwise, open the App Store on your device, make sure you are signed in with the same account used for the original purchase and tap on “Purchased” from the bottom navigation bar. Then search for your app.

  • I can’t play some apps since the iOS 11 update. When will you fix this?

  • We plan to update all our apps to work with iOS 11. We’ll do the updates gradually, beginning with our newest apps.

  • I've saved a photo from an app to my device. Where is it?

  • You need to allow the app to access your camera roll and enable it in your Privacy Settings within your iOS device.

Apps - Android Support

  • I get the error message: "Can't install on USB or SD card"

  • The error message seems to be caused by a temporary file used during installation, and doesn’t get deleted for some reason. Because of this, the system can’t use it and treats it as an error. If the problem re-appears, you may need to perform the operation again.

    Here’s how you do it:
    1. Go to Settings and click on Storage
    2. Scroll down to where you have Unmount SD card and tap on it.
    3. Now go back to the Play Store to download the app again. This time, the app would be installed hopefully!
    4. After app is installed, you can go back to the Storage settings and tap Mount SD card
    5. After mounting, you can move application to SD card if its possible. Some apps can’t be moved to the SD card and some can.

    Don’t have an SD card?
    If you don’t have an SD card you could try to clear your Google Play cache. You do this by going to the Google Play settings and clear cache.

  • Why don't you support more versions of Android?

  • We don’t want anybody to spend their money on something that is not a great Toca Boca experience. Hence, we’ve done everything we can to make sure that those who purchase our apps can enjoy them as much as we do. However, we’re always trying to support as many devices as we can. Are you having troubles with our apps on your device? Send us an email and we’ll look into it!

  • Where are the snapshots I've taken from apps saved?

  • They’re in the Gallery app (or the corresponding app on your device), in the folder that says the app name, for example “Toca Hair Salon 2”.

  • I've purchased an app but I can't download it! Why?

  • There are three reasons to why this might happen:

    1. You’re offline while trying to download the app, go online and try again.
    2. Are you logged into the same Google Play account as you bought it from? If not, please log in and try again.
    3. Try downloading the app while connected to either your network or wifi.
    4. Make sure you’re not logged into a restricted profile when downloading the app.
    5. If nothing of these two helps and you’re confident that you have purchased the app, please contact us at support@tocaboca.com.

  • I get "Error 491" on Google Play! What does that mean?

  • The 491 error code usually indicates that something went wrong when downloading or updating an app. To fix the problem you can try the following steps:

    1. Open the accounts tab in your apps folder .
    2. Tap “accounts” and click the Google account.
    3. Delete the account.
    4. Reboot the your device. As soon as your phone is done rebooting go back to the Apps folder > open the accounts > click Google accounts and re-add the one you just deleted.

  • I can't download the app from Google Play. What's wrong?

  • Here are a few things you can check:
    Do you have a restricted profile on your device? Always make sure that you’re logged on as owner and not user when downloading apps for restricted profiles.
    Do you receive an error message? Find out what the error message is and email us. Or if like to research yourself and learn a thing or two — google it. The Google forums are usually pretty up to date with error codes.
    Do you have enough free space on your device memory? Check the available space on your device. If it’s less than 3GB you may want to transfer some apps to your SD card. Remember that a lot of apps can’t be installed on your SD card, so you always want to make sure you have enough space on your internal memory.
    At last but not least, try deleting the app, rebooting your device and download it again. Sometimes a good old reboot will do the magic.

  • How do I allow the app to access my photos or camera?

  • In order to let the app access your camera you’ll need to enable it in your privacy settings. However, depending on which iOS you have installed, the procedure differs slightly.
    The easiest way to do it is to go to Settings > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy. This won’t delete anything form your device, only resetting the access your apps have to different features. Next time you open the Toca Hair Salon Me app, make sure to answer yes on all the questions that pop up and now you should be good to go!
    Oh, what is also good to know is that resetting this will reset the device features on all of your apps, so next time you open another app you’ll have to give it access again. It will ask the question automatically so there will be no extra struggle for you.

Apps - Windows Support

  • I bought an app twice. Help!

  • There’s a difference between Windows Store 8.0 and Windows Store 8.1. You can’t transfer apps between the stores at this point.

    If you need a refund, please contact the Windows Store for further info.

  • Where are my Toca Hair Salon 2 pictures saved in Windows 8.0?

  • Toca Hair Salon 2 is automatically set to not save your snap shots to the camera roll. You’ll have to go into the app settings to change this manually. To access settings on your Windows Phone, go to the “For Parents” button at the top left side of the app’s start screen. Scroll down and you’ll find the settings. Turn on save pictures.

    To access settings on your Windows pad?, swipe left from the right hand side of your screen and the settings menu will show. You can access this setting from anywhere in the app. From here, turn on the photo savings function and you’re snapshots will be saved in the “Saved Pictures” album on your device.


  • How do I find the app settings on my Windows Phone?

  • To access settings on your Windows Phone, go to the “For Parents” button at the top left side of the app’s start screen. Scroll down and you’ll find the settings.

  • My Windows device goes into pause mode. Help!

  • On older versions of Windows 10 all apps, including apps built for Windows 8 and 8.1, have the option to resize to Windowed mode. Since this feature was not present in Windows 8.0 and 8.1, which our older apps were built for, our apps would simply go into a Pause state.

    To get out of pause state, resize the app window when on the start screen of the app. Go to settings and choose resize.

    If this doesn’t not work, try to run your device in desktop mode.