The Whole Story

It all started with a tea party app, and now we’re ten years and 45 inventions older having created spaces for aspiring sushi masters, hairdressers, medics, and have even built a completely new world, PHEW!

Everything we make has the same objective, to capture the power of play and to celebrate the diversity and quirky things that we love in the everyday. We design from a kid’s perspective, always testing with them first and learning from what they show us. Our players inspire us daily, and sometimes they draw us pictures too.

We’re proud to have grown a business that prioritizes inclusivity, open-mindedness, and playing with stuff. Our focus is never on winning, or doing something ‘right’, we provide a playground that only really comes alive when kids bring their magic along – it’s why we make games rooted in play.

Imagination has always been our most important ingredient. We need it to come up with ideas, and kids need it to play – there’s pretty much nothing a bit of imagination can’t improve. In ten years, it hasn’t failed us yet.

What We Believe In


The undeniable, irresistible, power of play. It jumpstarts the imagination and colors our world.


Kids are explorers. They experiment, push forward and try new things every day. Newness excites them and us.


We respect kids as people — not just little versions of people. We make high-quality products that they deserve.


Everyone is welcome in our world. Kids can be whoever they want to be. Everyone fits in and stands out.

Our Office


Toca Boca
Lumaparksvägen 13A
120 31

"The thread that runs through everything we do is keeping the kids' perspective."

Emil Ovemar

Co-Founder & Head of Studio

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Join Our Team

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