The Creativity Issue: Meet Daniel Abensour, Lead Artist on Toca Life Team

Parker Barry

Daniel Abensour cropName: Daniel Abensour
Role: Lead Artist, Toca Life Team
Toca Boca Office: Stockholm
Hometown: Orgon, France

Toca Magazine: How would you define creativity?
Daniel: Freeing your imagination and using it without constraints!

Toca Magazine: How did you realize you were a highly creative person?
Daniel: I’ve always been doodling and daydreaming, and at some point I wasn’t sure about what to do with my life. My childhood friend was doing graphic design and illustration studies, and it looked like a nice thing to do. I went there and I discovered that I was actually good at it, and most of the time because I was trying to think outside of the box and use my imagination to complete exercises that my technical skills alone wouldn’t have been able to solve.

travelersToca Magazine: Was your creativity supported during childhood? If so, how?
Daniel: My family has always been creative. My sister was painting at a very early age, and my mom has always been doing creative things as long as I remember; so being creative was sort of a natural behavior.

Toca Magazine: What should parents know about their kids’ creativity?
Daniel: Creativity is super, super important. I can’t emphasize this enough! It doesn’t apply only for artistic skills, it applies for all things surrounding the well-being of kids. By allowing kids to use their imagination as often as possible, you unlock an infinite playground for them. Parents can help fuel creativity and help their kids grow it into something extraordinary.

Creativity isn’t something you compare, it’s something unique and personal.

Toca Magazine: What should kids know about creativity?
Daniel: Don’t forget to daydream from time to time (but try not to do it at school)! Sometimes it can be challenging to feel creative when other kids seem so much better at it than you, but creativity isn’t something you compare, it’s something unique and personal. So never be scared to doodle, craft, role-play, disguise yourself and much more!

Toca Magazine: Anything else?
Daniel: Creativity is the most amazing magical power!


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