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Toca Blocks

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Toca Blocks is a unique world-building app that lets you create and explore the worlds you imagine.

Construct worlds and fill them with your own adventurous paths. Craft detailed obstacle courses, intricate race tracks or floating islands. Meet the characters and discover their unique abilities as you take them though your world.

We invite you to start building and creating. Where will your imagination take you?

New: Snap, Share and Import

Save and share all the great work you’ve put into your worlds. Use the camera function to snap a photo. Share unique Blocks codes with family and friends so they can import your world and explore it themselves. Or import your friends’ worlds and make them part of your own!

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Hear the voice behind Toca Blocks

Welcome to Toca Blocks

Dear parent,

Creative play isn’t only about creating something beautiful, it’s also about how you get there. When you create something, its parts get new meaning: This blanket becomes the ceiling of my playhouse, that chair becomes a stepping stone in the lava pit that has erupted on the floor. When making things and making things up, you’re also setting up an ever-changing rule set for yourself to create and play within. With Toca Blocks we give you a material that enables this aspect of creative play. The blocks are a living, evolving material. Shape it, control it, morph it — it’s in your hands.

The Blocks:
The foundation in this world of creation

The blocks are a simple and tactile building material that allow you to create purpose for the inhabitants of the Toca Blocks world. Some blocks are bouncy, some are sticky, all are unique. If you scratch the surface, you’ll find that there’s more to the blocks than meets the eye. Place one on top of another, and the magic begins.

The Inhabitants:
Each one is unique

The inhabitants you’ll meet in the Toca Blocks world have different ways of interacting with the blocks. They’ll help you explore this world, as they are part of it and the creations you make for them. We hope that you, too, will feel at home in the Toca Blocks world.

Stay creative!
Mårten Brüggemann, Play Designer


Meet the people behind Toca Blocks