Toca Hair Salon 3

Grab your tools and get styling!

Today’s a great day for creating something quirky, pretty, edgy or… anything fun, really!  Toca Hair Salon 3 lets players cut, curl, color and style – any way they want! It all starts by picking a character from dozens of looks that can be customized, meaning that the play opportunities are endless!



"We've taken everything great about Toca Hair Salon 2 and made it even better. Toca Hair Salon 3 is bursting with content. The highlight is of course, the hair!"

Colin Lane

Play Designer

Turning Embarrassment to Love: A Real-Life Hairstory

Turning Embarrassment to Love: A Real-Life Hairstory

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Digital Toys, Not Games

Digital Toys, Not Games

Everything we make is based on play. So each app requires some creativity and imagination to work. Also, you won't find any high-scores, levels, competition or pre-determined stories. By staying true to this formula we allow each kid the freedom to play the way they want to.