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Work and play the farmer’s way! Milk your cow, gather eggs from your hens and raise your crops. Have a picnic, play the fiddle and hit the hay! From sunup to sundown, Toca Life: Farm is fun on the farm!

Welcome To Toca Life: Farm

Design Notes

Here the voice behind Toca Life: Farm


Welcome to the countryside and to Toca Life: Farm. As with all of the apps in the Toca Life series, Toca Life: Farm puts kids in the director’s seat to create their own stories. This means no rules or scripted scenarios: It’s all up to your kid to decide what happens to the inhabitants of Toca Life. Many kids love to role-play with farms and animals, and we hope to support that in the best of ways with Toca Life: Farm.

You and your kids can explore farm life with new characters and fun farm scenes. Step into the barn and meet the animals that live there. Feed the pigs, milk the cow or let the veterinarian examine the sheep. You can also turn day into night and have a secret sleepover in the hay. If you prefer some real beds, there’s a nice big house just for that. There you can cook a nice meal — maybe with fresh eggs from your hens in the garden.

Let’s grow some crops! In Toca Life: Farm we introduce the cycle of making food. Head over to the field where you can grow a variety of crops, flowers and berries either by hand or with the help of the tractor’s attachments. If you want to rest a bit after working, enjoy a picnic on the green. Ready with your harvest? Take your produce to the store where you can sell it to the store owner. Or use the food machine to transform your produce into products. Grab a snack in the stalls outside or maybe buy some new tools for your farming.

With Toca Life: Farm we hope you have a great time playing on the countryside. With updates and more exciting additions to the Toca Life series coming in the near future, we hope you’ll find Toca Life a place that encourages the storyteller in everyone.

Enjoy life down on the farm!

Petter Karlsson, Play Designer

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