Toca Life: Pets Secrets, Surprises and Helpful Tips

Parker Barry

Have you discovered all the goodies in Toca Life: Pets? We’ll let you in on some of the secrets!

Turn muddy buddies into clean critters

Your pets get dirty if they play in the mud, but you can clean them up with sponges, other cleaning tools or just let them take a dip in the water.

Stack hats on pets and pets on hats

Pets can wear hats, and on top of most hats you can stack a pet … that in turn can wear a hat … and a pet! Pet-hat-stack!

Bag up that mess

Did your pet do its business? Bag up the poop in a poop bag!

Turn on the night lights

Give the pet hotel its special night lights by pressing the sun button next to the big red house.

Create extra-special (or extra-gross) meals

With loads of new pet foods you can make a very creative meal. Just add whatever food you want and create something extra special! Worm salad? Dog-food sandwich? The possibilities are endless!

Find fantastical creatures

Have you discovered the strange branch on the tree in the park? Press it to find eggs that hold a variety of fantastical creatures!

Dance under a disco ball

Under the radio in the park you can find a wood button popping out of the stem. Press it to bring down a disco ball and create an instant dance floor.

Uncover a secret hideout

Press the bushes on the little hill to reveal a hideout to reveal a hiding spot for objects and pets.

Reveal the secret of the mysterious mushrooms

When you press a little button to the left of the mountain, mushrooms pop up. What happens if you tap them?

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