Kids Talk: Dog Thoughts, Costumes and Quirks

What is that dog thinking? Kids share their perspectives on their dogs' personalities.

Parker Barry

We visited the 19th Annual Great PUPkin Costume Contest  in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, just before Halloween to speak to kids, who were decking their dogs out in over-the-top outfits. We discovered some fun tidbits about how kids think about their pets! Do these kids and their pets remind you of any you know and love?

Wonder Pup

Maebel, age 7

Costume: Wonder Woman

Dog: Coquita

Costume: Wonder Pup

Why did you choose these costumes today? I had this costume and she had that one and we wanted to be twins.

We wanted to be twins.

Henry the Knight

Max, age 5

Costume: Thor, because he’s stronger than anybody!

Dog: Henry

Costume: a knight, because we couldn’t find a skeleton costume

What is your pet thinking? He’s feeling embarrassed, because we are talking about him.

He’s feeling embarrassed.


10-year-old friends presented “The New & Improved Alexander Hamilton” (which came in third place). Pepe the dog is Hamilton and jumps through a hole in the $10 bill.

Ava as Lafayette

Amelia as John Lawrence

Tallulah as Mulligan

Pepe the dog as Hamilton

What’s special about Pepe? This is Pepe’s third time in the contest; last year he dressed up as a disco ball — “Saturday Night Pepe.” He’s not a perfect dog. He’s really sweet, but he has his personality — like if he sees a squirrel he goes crazy, if he sees a cat he goes crazy; and then other times he’s just really sweet and mellow.

He’s not a perfect dog. He’s really sweet, but he has his personality.

Marj Kleinman is a Brooklyn based photographer and children’s media producer with a master’s in educational psychology. All photos by Marj Kleinman.

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