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Your kids can have a chance to share their unique perspectives.

Parker Barry

At Toca Boca, we’re all about the kids’ perspective. With our Kid’s-Eye View project, kids around the world share photos and videos about their everyday lives — from their own perspectives. They’ll also have the opportunity to share their thoughts through their writing, art and more. Toca Magazine is currently accepting more kids to include in the project to share perspectives on two topics: hair and holidays.

Kids share their hair stories!

  • How does hair connect kids and their identity? How are kids making a statement, challenging norms or just being themselves with their decisions about their hair? We’re looking for all kinds of hair stories from kids, including:
    • Kids with hair that stands out because of the color, unique cuts, etc.
    • Kids whose hair doesn’t follow gender norms
    • Kids who choose to wear their hair in a way that reflects their cultural/ethnic/racial heritage
    • Kids who have struggled with their hair in some way
  • Parents should email a brief description of their kid’s hair story, as well as their kid’s age, to for details on how to participate! Use the subject line HAIR STORY.

Kids share their holiday stories!

  • How do kids connect with their families and their identities during the holidays? Some examples of ways kids can share:
    • Kids share their unique family holiday traditions
    • Kids share a creative expression of how they feel during the holidays (any feelings, not just happy ones)
    • Kids who don’t celebrate the holidays people around them celebrate share how they feel during the holidays
    • Kids who celebrate lesser-known holidays share their traditions
    • Kids who live in households where there are different faiths or cultures with different holidays and traditions share what the holidays are like for them
    • Kids who split time between households reflect on what this time of year is like for them
    • Parents should email a brief description of their kid’s holiday story, as well as their kid’s age, to for details on how to participate! Use the subject line HOLIDAY STORY.

What do kids who participate get?

  • Their photos, writing and more may be featured in Toca Magazine in print and online, and shared with all of our fans.
  • Kids whose content we publish will receive Toca goodies, gift cards or other surprises.

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