Kid’s-Eye View Photo Series Week 3: My Style

Kids around the world share their fashion sense.

Parker Barry

Last week, kids around the world showed us how they get from here to there as part of the Kid’s-Eye View Photo Series. This week, they show off their individual style.

  • For our friend in Illinois, Malik, “it’s all about the shoes!” He’s a big Nike fan, and he describes his style as “casual/athletic.”


  • Our friend Siobhan in Australia wears a uniform to school, and when she’s not at school she describes her style as “casual: jeans, shirt/jumper and my Converse shoes.” But on the day she shared her photos with Toca Magazine, she was dressed up for her friend’s communion.

siobhan_style_mainCheck out more style pics from Malik, Siobhan, and other kids around the world in the My Style gallery for the Kid’s-Eye View Photo Series.

Ever wonder what it’s like to see the world from the kids’ perspective? Toca Magazine asked kids around the globe to help grown-ups see the world in one of the very best ways: through the eyes of kids. With their photos and their own words, 10 amazing kids from six continents offer everyone a fresh perspective on four topics we can all relate to: lunch, getting around, style and finding a happy place.

The Kid’s-Eye View kids used mobile phones to take photos that truly represent their own perspective. We’ve also included a few photos taken by a helper (usually a parent or sibling) to give a complementary view of the kids’ world.




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