Autism Awareness Month: A Teen’s Words of Wisdom for Kids and Parents

Parker Barry

Jacob (Jay) is an awesome teen from the D.C. Metro Area. He was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome when he was 7. Jay agreed to do a Q&A with Toca Magazine to talk about the role of technology and play in his life. Meet Jay!


Jacob (Jay)

Q: What are some of the technology tools that have had a positive impact on your daily life?

A: I play Angry Birds on my phone on the way home from school. I imagine the pigs as all my stress during school, and knocking them down helps me relax. On the weekends I play Xbox.

Q: So you enjoy playing video games and other forms of digital media. Do you feel that kids today have enough time to play?

A: I think playing (video games) is good in moderation. You can get really engrossed in it and exclude the real world. For example, I only play Xbox on the weekends because that is my down time.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to younger kids on the spectrum, what would you like to tell them? What would you like to tell their parents?

A: I would tell other kids, “Don’t panic. If you feel stressed out or different or that others are being mean to you … don’t panic.” I would tell the parents, “Your children are the next stage of evolution — never think of what they have as a mutation but instead as a deviation. They are different not wrong!”


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