Hello world!

Parker Barry

Cookie from Toca Tea Party

After some considerable researching, play testing, designing and developing we are finally here. Launch day! And what could be a better way of launching our new site than posting the mandatory “Hello World” blog post. It feels amazing, and is the result of a lot of hard work from a very dedicated team that I”m very proud to work with.

Apart from developing our products, we also spent a lot of time researching different ways of playing, and studying how kids interact with toys and games. This led us to a few hypothesizes and statements that we”ve written about on our about-page. The mobile ecosystem, on any platform, is not ideal for the combined use case of both parents and kids using the same device. That means that we as a game studio must take extra caution when designing our products, in order not to fall into the design compromise pitfalls of that are out there. Our producer Emil Ovemar wrote about this in regards to in-app purchases and Smurfs Village a while back. This is important for us, and something that we hope that many more developers of digital products for kids will follow.

There are many more stories to be told about what we”ve done, and what we”re going to do. So grab the RSS-feed to make sure that you stay updated. The fun has just begun!