Kids Unleash Their Sticker Power with Toca Boca at SXSW

Parker Barry

Question: What do you get when you start with more than 100,000 stickers, add kids, and throw out the rules? Answer: The sticker-fabulous Toca Boca booth at the SXSW Gaming Expo!SXSW-Gaming-Thumbnail

For three days in Austin, kids, parents and gaming fans of all ages stopped by Toca Boca’s booth to unleash their sticker power. “The Toca Boca booth was the perfect metaphor for what we as a company stand for: free, open-ended play and designed from the kids’ perspective,” says Björn Jeffery, founder and CEO at Toca Boca. “While many of the other booths in the Gaming Expo were designed to be looked at, ours was made for kids to create and play. One of the girls playing said, ‘I feel so powerful!’ and I think that sums up the feeling we wanted to convey really well.”

So, tipping our hats to artist Yayoi Kusama, we gave everyone freedom and a sticker sheet. Some things really have to be seen to be believed, so check out our photos from the event.

1. Setting Up the Booth

Our bright white sticker canvas stands out in a sea of black booths.


2. What Is This?

Signs let visitors know what we we’re up to. Our booth isn’t finished, and we need help!


3. Not a Sticker in Sight

We take one last glimpse of the booth before the sticking starts.


4. Fox News Stops By …

Austin’s Fox 7 News checks out our booth and interviews Björn.


5. … And Sticks Around for a While

Tania Ortega from FOX 7 News sticks the very first stickers!


6. Sticker Sheets for Everyone!

Here’s Seb, who designed the sticker sheets soon to be unleashed.


7. Everything’s Fair Game

Even the people!


8. This Little Guy …

His mom stickered his pockets — we don’t think he knew!


9. Sticking Room Only

Our friends young and young at heart poured into our booth.


10. Before Long Stickers Cover Our Sign

It’s OK; we’re pretty sure people know what to do at this point.


11. Cutest. Stormtrooper. Ever.

That is all.


12. We’re All Smiles

Here’s the team who brought sticker madness to Austin. But it was the kids who made it real!


13. That’s a Wrap

One of our fans takes a Toca-fied beanbag home with her. Thanks to everyone who stuck with us!


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