Kid Chefs Need Supplies! Here’s What to Have in Your Real-Life Kitchen

These cool tools help kids explore cooking and kitchen play.

Dana Villamagna, Toca Magazine Writer

Cool tools can make kitchen play irresistible to kids. Adding just a few new items to your kitchen that are right-sized for kids’ small hands and well-designed for developing coordination can make a huge difference in kitchen play safety and success.

When buying kid-friendly kitchen supplies, look for a few key features such as handles (especially two handles), non-slip bottoms, mini versions of standard tools, encased chopping blades and items designed for safety and ease-of-use.

Here are 20 such items that can help you create a fun, kid-friendly, kitchen:

  • Kid-size fruit and veggie scrubbing brush
  • Mini cookie cutters for shaping bread, cheese or fruit
  • Small, easy-open containers for kid-size portions of nut butters, juices, milks, cheese, dried fruit and anything else your kids eat (which you transfer from larger containers to these manageable-size containers)
  • Small serving tray with handles
  • Kid-size butter spreader, which can be used to cut soft foods
  • Two-handled apple slicer
  • Two-handled banana slicer
  • Cutting board with suction cups
  • Rolling pin
  • Easy-to-hold measuring cups and spoons
  • Old-fashioned coffee grinder
  • Kid-friendly vegetable peeler
  • Interchangeable mini-grater and juicer with handle
  • Self-enclosed nut and onion chopper
  • Old-fashioned apple peeler and corer
  • Countertop compost bucket with lid
  • Kid-size apron
  • Hand broom and dustpan
  • Kid-size mop
  • A safe step stool or (for a splurge) The Learning Tower

You probably noticed that some of the items listed are ones that help kids with cleanup after they’re done with food prep. This keeps mess at a minimum, which keeps us parents just as enthusiastic about kitchen play as our kids are!


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