Toca Hair Salon 3 Just Got a Sweet Update

Celebrate Valentine's Day in style, and find out what kids really think about the holiday.

Carl Frisell

Toca Hair Salon 3 just got a Valentine’s Day update so your kids can celebrate the day in style. This sweet update includes new clothes and accessories that are perfect for Valentine’s Day: suit and tie, dresses, heart sweaters, heart-shaped glasses, silly heart headbands and other assorted goodies. Kids not feeling all lovey-dovey? There’s an angry heart for that. Kids can choose a photo booth background (yes, there are hearts) and take a picture to save and share!

So what do kids think about Valentine’s Day, anyway? Toca Magazine writer Amanda Bindel talked to a few kids to learn their thoughts on the celebration of love. “It seems, at least in the case of these particular kids,” Amanda says, “4-year-old girls may be a tad more romantic than 9-year-old boys.”

What is Valentine’s Day all about anyway?  

  • Serena, 4: Valentine’s is about being in love.
  • Grant, 6: Loving people.
  • Caroline, 9: Sharing love with others.
  • C.J., 9: Valentine’s Day is about getting cards with candy in them. (Ha ha!) Actually, I really have no idea.
  • Madeline, 11: Valentine’s is about giving to other people, giving nice letters.

Valentine’s Day is about getting cards with candy in them. (Ha ha!) Actually, I really have no idea.

Describe the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • Serena, 4: Saying “I love you!”
  • Grant, 6: Eating lots of candy!
  • Caroline, 9: Well, you know things like that can’t always be perfect. I’d want to win the box contest for my class. I’m going for best theme.
  • C.J., 9: By eating chocolate candy, I guess. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • Madeline, 11: Being with family and having a nice dinner.

 Finish this love poem: Roses are red, violets are blue…

  • Serena, 4: Butterflies are colorful. You’re cute.
  • Grant, 6: We are going to have a good time because it is Valentine’s Day.
  • Caroline, 9: You smell like flowers, and I do, too.
  • C.J., 9: You make me want to poo!
  • Madeline, 11: Puppies are awesome, and so are you!

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