Answers to your most common questions.

Q:  How can I get a refund?

A:  All of our billing is completed by the App Store, therefore we are unable to process any refunds. Please contact the App Store to inquire about a refund.


Q:  I’m having an issue with my credit card/payment/billing

A:  All Toca TV billing and payment is completed by the App Store, therefore we are unable to assist with any payment-related issues. Please contact the App Store to resolve the issue.

Q:  I thought I unsubscribed from Toca TV but I was charged. How can I confirm that I was unsubscribed?

A:  In order to unsubscribe from Toca TV, you will need to Once you unsubscribe, you will receive an email from noreply@tocatv.com to confirm. If you did not receive the confirmation email then you may still be subscribed to Toca TV. To check your account XXX


Q:  How can I unsubscribe from Toca TV?

A:  To unsubscribe…


Q:  I think a video on Toca TV is inappropriate.  What can I do?

A:  We only choose content kids love, and it all lives up to Toca Boca’s standards. We never show third-party advertising or sponsored product placement. If you think we may have missed something send us an email to support@tocatv.com and we will review the content. Please note that if a video meets our standards it may not be removed from our platform.