Kid's-Eye View: Vacation

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Toca Magazine asks kids around the globe to help grown-ups see the world in one of the very best ways: through the eyes of kids. With their photos, videos, art and their own words, these amazing kids offer everyone a fresh perspective on topics we can all relate to.

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Is your family taking a vacation — or a staycation? Whether you’re packing a bag for a day trip or taking off for the whole summer, we want kids to share their experiences from their own unique perspectives.


Read below for answers to a few common questions.

Q: Is it OK for parents to “direct” the photos, or should they be totally hands-off?

A: Since we’re going for the kids’ perspective, we want the photos to come from them as much as possible, but it’s OK for parents to direct a bit, especially for younger kids. Kids should take their own photos when possible.


Q: Is it OK if brand logos/images end up in some of the pictures (T-shirts, etc.)?

A: We want the pictures to be whatever is happening in kids’ everyday lives. So if their very favorite T-shirt or water bottle has a logo on it, it’s OK. Just nothing offensive, of course. If the logo isn’t crucial to your kids’ story, then leave it out if you can, but, again, we’re going for everyday life and logos/characters are a part of everyday life for many kids!


Q: Any photo tips?

Use horizontal orientation when you can. Try to get as much natural light in the photo as you can. If the image is still very dark, maybe try a flash.

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