What Happens Next?

By Anna Barber, Creator of Cool Learning Apps for Kids, Fingerprint

fingerprint_veritcalThis game is a great family alternative to board games and also works in the car! Stretch your creative muscles while having fun. One thing I really like about is it shows kids that there is no “right answer” when you are telling a story, and that even if you get stuck in an alley, you can invent a plot twist to get out of it.

Categories: Imaginative Play, Digital Play

Target age: 4 and up

Skill level: Beginner

Materials: None

Prep time: None: Be spontaneous!

What You’ll Need

  • For the family game, just your imagination!
  • For the digital activity, you’l need to download the Scribble book making app.


The Activity

  • Player 1 starts the story

Anna and family 2The first player starts with a made-up first line that introduces the main character. They continue until the character gets into a jam of some kind and then passes to the next player saying, “What happens next?”

  • Player 2 picks up where Player 1 left off

The next person picks up the storyline and continues until they feel stumped and passes, saying “What happens next?”

  • Keep going till there’s one player left

If a player is completely stumped they pass, until there is only one player left who gets to say “The end!”

  • Make it digital

To actually capture your creations and share them with others, use the Scribble app to create your stories while playing. Each person “narrates” his or her piece, and when the story is complete you can export it as a video and share it with friends. Or just save it for posterity. The “pass and play” aspect of using Scribble on a tablet also adds suspense to the game. For younger players, you can start with one of the story starters, so all the players have to do is fill in the blanks. To keep the game moving, you’ll have to do the illustrations later, but this is a great way to capture creative moments as they happen!

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About the Author

Anna Barber, Creator of Cool Learning Apps for Kids, Fingerprint

A native New Yorker and proud word nerd, Anna has been a corporate lawyer, strategy consultant, film producer and founder of Scribble Press, which was acquired by Fingerprint. Visit Scribble on Facebook and Twitter.