Maple Syrup Snow Taffy

By Lisa Caplan, Toca Magazine Writer

Here’s a fun way to spend a winter day — especially after you’ve had a fresh snowfall. This should be familiar to anyone who lives in Vermont, Quebec or any location where there are lots of maple trees and a cold climate. It’s usually a spring activity since that’s when those trees yield their precious – and delicious – sap, but it’s easy and fun to make all winter long and can be tailored to suit your taste and even your climate pretty easily. It’s also delicious!

Category: Creative and Maker Play

Target age: 4 and up

Skill level: Beginner

Materials: Stuff you can get quickly from the store or delivery

Prep time: 1 to 30 minutes

What You’ll Need

  • clean plastic receptacle
  • fresh, clean snow (alternatively, lots of shaved ice)
  • real maple syrup (don’t use commercial breakfast syrups from the cereal aisle)
  • popsicle sticks
  • weather below 32 degrees F (0 degrees C)
  • Optional: different flavored syrups — chocolate, grenadine, pina colada etc.
  • Optional: cookie sheet and cutters

The Activity


  • Wash out that plastic container and let it dry completely before bringing it outside

  • Fill the container with fresh snow

If there is none to be had where you live, lots of shaved ice can fill in but the consistency will be more like an Italian ice and less like taffy.

  • Let your kid pour the maple syrup over an area of fresh snow in the bin

  • Stir the snow and syrup together gently but quickly with a popsicle stick

  • Scoop a healthy dollop of the sticky mixture onto the popsicle stick

  • Allow five minutes for everything to gel together

  • Using the stick, remove your frozen maple-flavored ice lollipop

    Tip: Eat fast if you like your candy harder. In about two minutes the consistency will be like gooey taffy.

Check out YouTuber Raveena’s Kitchen‘s version of maple taffy:

More fun

  • Have a sugar shack party

    Buy a big bin, get lots of syrup and invite friends and neighbors to join you in your outdoor treat making.

  • Make cookies

    If the snow you’re working with is sticky — the kind needed to make snowmen — you can use the maple syrup and snow mixture for fast-melting cookies too!

    Just get a baking sheet, spread your sticky snow mixture evenly upon it, use cookie cutters to form shapes, decorate with sprinkles or M&M’s and then rush the tray into your own freezer or leave it outside if your local climate keeps things well below freezing.

    Let sit for an hour or two and then eat your gooey icy treats outside and quickly before they melt and leave an equally sticky gooey mess to clean. Enjoy!

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About the Author

Lisa Caplan, Toca Magazine Writer