Play for the sake of play. Play without predetermined outcomes. Play that unleashes kids' superpowers.

Pure Play

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What Is Pure Play?

There are lots of ways to play, and each one has its own benefits. But when kids are over-scheduled in structured activities and academics, time for Pure Play decreases. At Toca Boca we believe in the power of Pure Play to unleash kids’ superpowers and help make kids and families happy. Here’s how you’ll know Pure Play when you see it.

  • Pure Play is kid-directed. With Pure Play, kids are in charge — even when we’re playing along. With this empowerment, they’ll practice self-direction, making decisions, resolving conflicts, negotiating with others and more.
  • Pure Play is unstructured. Adult-imposed rules can dampen kids’ creativity. Pure Play play can help unleash their creativity as they explore their imagination beyond rules and outside the box.
  • Pure Play is open-ended. When kids play for the sake of play, they’re freed from external goals, performance tracking and material rewards.

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