Music Apps for Kids: Unleash Your Child’s Inner Musician

By Jinny Gudmundsen, Editor of Tech with Kids Digital Magazine

Most children are drawn to music. Does your child dance, bounce, or sway to the beat of your favorite song? Do you find them singing to themselves as they play? Perhaps all that banging on pots and pans is a window into your child’s inner drummer.

With the right apps, kids can explore music in fun, interactive ways. At Tech with Kids, we have reviewed thousands of apps to cull the best into recommended lists covering a variety of topics. We have one that focuses on the Top Music Apps for Kids.

To encourage musical activity, we are going to explore some of the apps on that list and then extend the digital play to the real world.

Categories: Digital Play, Creative Play

Target age: 3 and up

Skill level: N/A

Materials: Stuff you probably have at home

Prep time: 1 to 30 minutes

What You’ll Need

  • downloaded apps
  • optional: musical instruments

The Activity

Depending on your child’s age, select an app from our Top Music Apps for Kids list.


  • Toddler Music

If you have a toddler, try the Animal sound box- learn music with cute animals app. The app showcases five colorful animals that become musical instruments by simply touching them. Every part of the animal responds to your child’s touch, so tickling the green frog’s belly produces a drumming sound. With the bird, it’s a flute. These playable animals are a hoot to explore.

  • Rockin’ Preschoolers and Kindergartners

For the preschool and kindergarten set, don’t miss Toca Band. By playing with 16 adorable, quirky musicians, kids learn about orchestration. The app opens to a blank stage with eight positions waiting to be filled. Kids drag-and-drop any of the 16 musicians from the bottom of the screen to make them a part of their band. Their placement on the stage affects whether they are a headliner or accompaniment.

The pickle plays percussion by chattering his teeth, whereas the spider taps her eight legs. Amazingly, all musicians blend to play the same song. And when you place one musician in the starring spotlight, the screen changes to let you touch that musician to control his or her solo. This is hands-on digital play at its best!


  • Jammin’ Grade School Kids

For elementary school kids, check out Music With Grandma. This dancing grandma loves her music, and she shares her enthusiasm by introducing kids to music theory and instruments via seven games, videos and hands-on playing of digital instruments.


  • Extend These Apps with Real-World Play

In all three of the above apps, kids play virtual instruments — some are wackier than others. Try using everyday objects to create your own zany musical instruments to play with your kids. For toddlers, give them an aluminum pie pan and a wooden spoon to create instant percussion. For older kids, take a shoebox and remove the lid. Then stretch rubber bands width-wise to create strings to strum.

Use the instruments you created and then collect other noisemakers you have around your house, such as a kazoo, a recorder, keys or perhaps a keyboard. Have your kids close their eyes, and then you select one of the “instruments” to play. Ask your children to guess which object made the noise.


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About the Author

Jinny Gudmundsen, Editor and Founder, Tech with Kids

Jinny is a professional children’s technology expert who is the founder and editor of Tech with Kids, a free digital magazine that publishes expert reviews and Best Picks recommendation lists of children’s apps, video games, websites and tech toys. Its mission is to help parents, grandparents, teachers and other caregivers to find the best tech to use with their kids. Jinny is also author of the For Dummies book “iPad Apps for Kids.”