Monster Maker

By Lisa Armstrong, Play Designer, Sago Sago

sago_logoThis is the most requested craft activity that I do at home with my boys. The fun thing about monsters is they can be anything you want them to be: silly, friendly, scary, big, small, furry, polka-dotted the list goes on. I use this activity at home to help open up discussion about monsters and help my kids deal with their fear of monsters.

Categories: Creative Play, Imaginative Play

Target age: 2 to 6 years old

Skill level: Beginner

Materials: Stuff you probably have at home

Prep time: 1 to 30 minutes

What You’ll Need

  • colored construction paper or cardstock
  • googly eyes in various sizes (we like the sticker version)
  • pom-poms
  • scissors
  • glue or tape
  • markers/crayons (optional)

monstermaker_03 cropped

The Activity

  • Cut out various shapes for you monster from the colored paper

You’ll need a head, mouth and teeth. This craft is meant to be spontaneous and flexible. Ask your child what their monster should look like.


  • Add eyes to your monster

One, two, ten … let your child choose how many and where they go.

  • Make a face

Use glue or tape to add your mouth shape and then the teeth. Add a pom-pom for a nose.

  • Add fun details

Use markers or crayons to draw fur, scales, polka dots or anything you’d like. Get creative!



  • Adapt based on your kid’s age

Feel free to adapt this craft based on the age of your child. Younger kids may need a lot more help with cutting and gluing where older kids will want to help choose the supplies and do their own cutting.

  • Give your monster a personality

Name your monster. Ask you child what his/her monster likes to eat. How does it talk, what does it say?

  • Get creative with materials

Use whatever materials you have on hand. Play with different materials. We have used leaves, flower petals, sticks, paint and glitter.

  • Make a whole gallery of monsters

Allow your child to tape them up on the wall and have a gallery showing for family and friends

  • Have a puppet show!

Add popsicle sticks to the bottom of your finished monsters to use as handles. This opens up the opportunity to discuss a scary topic for most kids. We add lots of humor to make monsters feel less scary.

  • Create monsters on the go!

Try Sago Mini Monsters app to create monsters on the go! With Sago Mini Monsters, kids transform a simple shape into a unique living, breathing creature. Kids not only color and decorate their monster, they also feed and care for it.

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About the Author

Lisa Armstrong, Play Designer, Sago Sago

Lisa is a play designer at Sago Sago, mom of 4-year-old twin boys, and a maker. Sago Sago creates magical apps that build on kids’ natural sense of curiosity, experimentation and self-expression. Toca Boca and Sago Sago are sister studios.