Create a Home for a Magical Creature

By Kerri Engelder, Course Creator and Community Moderator,

In this activity imagination is a must! Think of your favorite magical creature, then imagine what kind of home or environment might make it happy. What would it like to sleep on? Would it be happiest living in a volcano? Or in a house made of leaves? Does it eat marshmallows? Or only yellow flowers? Once you have a good idea of the kind of home your favorite magical creature might inhabit, look for materials around your house (or in your backyard) you could use to construct it! Cardboard is a great base material to start with, as well as shoeboxes and empty toilet paper rolls. Paints and glitter are great for embellishment!

Categories: Imaginative Play, Creative and Maker Play

Target age: 4 and up

Skill level: Beginner

Materials: Stuff you probably have at home

Prep time: None: Be spontaneous!

What You’ll Need

  • It’s up to you, but supplies might include cardboard, shoeboxes, paint, etc.

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About the Author

Kerri Engelder, Course Creator and Community Moderator,

Kerri loves to create playful activities that allow kids to use their imaginations to grow, discover and create!