5 Great YouTube Channels for Fun with Science

Parker Barry

Kids love experimenting with stuff. And kids are crazy about YouTube. So what could be a better combo than science experiments on YouTube?

The smart kids, science teachers and comedians we’ve included on this list of YouTube channels make science look as fun, cool and surprising as it is.

(Parents note: As with all YouTube channels, watch these videos with your kids. Some contain experiments that use fire, liquid nitrogen and other adults-only materials. Others may include suggested videos that aren’t appropriate for kids.)


  • 2. Raising da Vinci. From “10 Magic Tricks That Are Really Just Science” to “Rainbow Science,” this YouTube channel creates fun categories to help viewers find their favorite types of experiments. A homeschooling mom created Raising da Vinci to share ideas and activities that she’s road tested with her own kids. Next time your kid hosts a sleepover, check out 10 Science Activities for Slumber Parties or Sleepovers.


  • 3. WhizKidScience. The great thing about this YouTube channel is that a kid conducts all the experiments, and his younger brother and sister sometimes help, too. It has the most kid-friendly experiments of all the YouTube channels on this list. Even very young kids can help with many of the experiments, including this Easy Play Doh project.



  • 5. Crash Course Kids. There’s an entire school year (or more) filled with science learning on this YouTube channel. The energetic host clearly explains concepts like bodies of water, engineering and the food chain while cute animations play on screen. Watch Dinosaur Pee? for a silly yet serious take on the water cycle.


BONUS: Food experiments! If your kid loves experimenting with food, the food-based experiments in the video 14 DIY Science Experiments on the YouTube channel SaraBeautyCorner are colorful, candy-full, and kid-crowd pleasers; popular YouTuber Marlin makes Edible Candy Plants; and check out HooplakidzLab’s Eat Your Science Experiments.

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