Sticks and Stones, Books and Phones: Our Fans Share What’s in Their Backpacks

Parker Barry

Inspired by our Kid’s-Eye View Photo Series, some of our fans shared their backpacks with us, and we picked a few to feature on Toca Magazine! Thank you to everyone who shared their photos.

Miles, Age 4, Hampshire, England


  • The disk of wood on a string is a medal. (My teacher) helped me use a saw to cut it off a branch and then we drilled a hole in with a hand drill.
  • I collected the stick to make a bow and arrow.
  • The conker was for us to make a necklace with but I didn’t have long enough to finish it.
  • I found the stone on the beach a long, long time ago.

Jady, Age 10, Brooklyn, New York


  • I like the monster Fidgets because like the purpose of them, they help me stay focused. Their arms are super flexible and fun to play with.
  • The FANTASY pen is special because I got it as a party favor and all the pens given out were each labeled with a book genre. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres and I was happy to receive that.
  • The blue brain stress ball is really squishy and soft, and I really like how detailed it is. It’s a stress ball and I don’t have any stress but I think it’s fun to squish it anyway.
  • The METOO bunny pencil pouch was a late Xmas gift from my sister Jessie. She surprised me with it because that Xmas our family hadn’t exchanged any gifts. She told me to find it in the living room and it was really funny playing Hot or Cold. I named it Edward after Edward Tulane in the book “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.”

Rivkah, Age 9, Bournemouth, UK


  • My friends and I love nature things, so when one of us finds something cool we all share it and swap!
  • I like feathers because there are so many different ones, and I like the patterns. Those are pheasant feathers, but I also have an owl feather that I found on a walk, and a goose feather, too, from a Canadian goose! I like finding things, and when I grow up I am going to be a forensic scientist, so I try to find all the clues. You can find some pretty cool stuff when you remember to look!
  • When I finished reading the Harry Potter books I was not ready to be done with them, so I read the books related to it. One was about magical creatures, and one was full of fairy tales. I don’t like the Quidditch one as much, but I want to read it, so I read a little bit of it at a time.
  • The other book is a really exciting adventure, it’s about space and black holes. I love science things, but also adventures, so this is perfect. It’s my out-and-about book. Sometimes when we go somewhere we have to do a lot of waiting, and I like to be able to read whenever I can. Sometimes I prefer books to people, so I make sure I always have a good book with me.
  • At home I am reading The Lord of the Rings right now, I’m on Return of the King. Aragorn is my favourite, but I don’t take those books out, I worry about forgetting them somewhere!

Augie, Age 5, Austin, Texas


  • Augie uses his iPad to talk at school, using the app Proloquo2Go. At home he loves to play Toca Boca games on his iPad, especially Toca Band, Toca Lab and Toca Kitchen Monsters. He also really enjoys Petting Zoo —Animal Animations, Loopimal, Drawnimal, and watching kids’ music videos (especially Caspar Babypants) on YouTube.

Alivia, Age 9, Gorham, Maine


  • Most of the items are for fun. The homework folder, library book and lunch box are things I need. I sometimes need the umbrella. The rest is for fun.
  • The zebra is my sweatshirt. The hood is a zebra head. It’s my favorite.
  • My favorite kinds of books are fantasy. I also love writing my own books. At school for every book you read you get a card and you can turn the cards in for different prizes. The more books are read the bigger the prize is. That’s why I have so many books in my bag.

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