Trucks 101: Fun Facts to Fascinate Fans

Parker Barry

Did you know …

  • big_truckThe biggest dump truck in the world is a Belaz 75710. This huge truck is “as long as two double decker buses parked end-to-end, six times as powerful as today’s Formula 1 racing cars and weighs more than a fully loaded Airbus A380 passenger plane,” according to the BBC.
  • There’s a heavy equipment “playground” in Las Vegas called Dig This! where teens and and adults can try their hand at operating real construction equipment.

  • Monster trucks started as simple pickup trucks. They’re specifically defined as “an extremely large pickup truck, typically with greatly oversized tires.”
  • Tonka trucks were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2001. Founded in 1947, Tonka has 30 kinds of toy trucks, including diggers, cranes, dump trucks, jeeps, semis, wreckers, fire trucks and more.

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