How to Make Cute Critters Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

Crafter Kreativa Karin shares an easy-to-make project.

Carl Frisell
Kreativa Karin

Kreativa Karin

By Karin AnderssonProfessional Crafter and DIY Stylist

My daughter and I love to play with toilet paper rolls! We save ours and try to find fun and different things to do with them. Here, we’ve made some small winter forest animals that are great to play with, and they’re also fun to put under the tree.

What you’ll need

  • toilet paper rolls
  • craft paint
  • waterproof markers
  • glue
  • thick paper

Step 1: Paint the body

We started by using craft paint and paint brushes to paint the body. We left some parts of the roll bare — it adds some extra detail.


Step 2: Add details with a waterproof pen

Then, we folded the top of the roll down to form ears and painted a nose, eyes and fur with a waterproof pen.

Step 3: Attach tails

Some animals also got a tail, which we cut from slightly thicker paper and attached with glue.


 Karin is a professional crafter, DIY stylist and parent to a creative 6-year-old daughter.

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