Printable Toca Life: Office Activity for Kids Who Love Storytelling

Parker Barry

The Toca Life series can be a great way for kids to express their ideas through storytelling, and with Toca Life: Office, they can tell stories of office life the way they imagine it!

Just for fun (your kid’s fun!), we’ve compiled 12 story starters for kids to use for inspiration. They can jump right in to telling their story, or use the storyboard below to plot out a beginning, middle and end for their story. Click the images for printable PDFs.

  • Daycare Drama! The babies have taken over the daycare! What happens when babies are in charge?
  • No Naptime! The babies need rest, but they don’t want to take a nap! Will they keep fighting sleep?
  • Superhero Baby! The tiniest superhero is ready for anything! What good deeds will the baby do today?


  • Bank Heist. Someone is trying to steal gold from the bank vault! Who will try
    to save the day?
  • Trapped in the Bank. The bank’s security doors have closed and won’t open, and customers are trapped inside! What will they do?
  • The Longest Line. The line at the bank is sooo long! Why is it taking so long, and what will the customers do while they’re waiting?


  • A Regular Day. It seems like a regular day at the office. People are making copies, working on their computers,
    just doing normal office stuff. But then…
  • Aquarium Rescue. The jellyfish have company in
    the aquarium today! Who is in there and what are they doing?
  • Office Adventure. A secret code on the big desk will reveal a BIG surprise.
    What – or who – could it be?


  • First Day. It’s the chef’s very first day
    on the job! But…this chef has never cooked anything before! What could possibly go wrong?
  • Secret Escape. There’s a secret exit in the jail that leads to…a superhero costume!
    Is someone plotting a big escape?
  • Keytar Star. When it’s time for a break from solving crimes, a detective turns
    into a keytar star! But not everyone is happy about the courthouse concerts.




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