What’s New in Toca Life: City

Parker Barry

Toca Life: City just received an update, and there are tons of things to discover:

  • Screen recording. Now kids can record their every move and save the stories they create for sharing with friends or personal reflection.
  • Life Weekly. Located in the top right corner on the start screen, this feature gives kids fun insights into the world of Toca Life: City. With fun videos and tips, this spot will update weekly to give kids the inside scoop.LifeCity_Website_Locations_Theatre
  • The Theatre. In this brand-new location, kids can go crazy in the costume closet and choose their favorite backdrop to set the theme. They’ll discover fun hats, change costumes and get ready for their grand performance. This location is a natural setting for kids’ storytelling, and can help kids connect what they’re doing the app to real-life theatre experiences.

Share your kids’ creations with the hashtag #TocaLifeCity!


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