Toca Boca diary. Letter #3.

Parker Barry

Two extremely different weeks have passed since our latest blog post. First, Easter Holiday with plenty of food, candy, bunnies and more candy. Then, hard, hard work. Our three teams are all really focused on making the digital toys they are currently working on the best ever. I have seen early demos and they all look amazing! And they’re definitely worth waiting for!

Oh, and we have two new animators – Johan and Martin – in the house. Temporarily. They will help us animate our new characters and are doing a really great job bringing them all to life.


Our CEO Björn was here on a quick visit last week. He lives in San Francisco but visits Sweden every now and then. After spending most of his time in meetings, Björn now seems to have a fairly good idea of what the future of Toca Boca will look like. It is all very exciting! Björn is now back in the US. He was last seen at the Sandbox Summit at MIT, handing out Toca Boca gear and networking with cool and interesting people.

Our office assistant Lina is still looking for an amazing new office for the growing Toca Boca team. So far, none has been good enough. Lina also took the time to arrange a really fun ice cream event last Friday. We all got to try the new ice cream flavors of the season and rated them. The more chocolate the better seemed to be the general concent. Yum! Poor Eric (one of our developers) unfortunately missed the whole thing since he had to save his new bathtub. The delivery guys threatened to leave it out on the street. 🙂


Our Producer Emil has been busy thinking about cool Toca Boca merchandise (a little web shop is coming later this year). Here are some prototypes for future stickers and badges. Looks very promising, doesn’t it? Once the prototypes are ready, our graphic designer Emil B will work his magic on them to make them even more amazing.

So, what have I (Paulina) been up to? Well, apart from being very, very pregnant (baby due in seven weeks), I’ve been busy preparing new campaigns and collaborations. I’ll tell you more about the soon. On Saturday, I will moderate a panel discussion about community management in startups at Startup Day 2012 here in Stockholm. The conference will be broadcasted online, so check it out if you’re interested!

That’s all for now. Have a great time in the sun/rain/snow!