Throw a Toca Boo Party with Our Ghost Printables!

Parker Barry

There’s nothing like an exciting and a little scary ghost party, be it at Halloween or some other spooky time of year. And half of the fun is preparing and decorating with the right party props, right? That’s why we’ve created a printable ghost party kit free for you to download right here! Our party was styled by the lovely crafts genius Kreativa Karin. Make sure you check out her Instagram feed for more party tricks.

Toca Boo party kit printables

Ghost party invites

Every party starts with an invite that sets the right expectation. The star of our ghost party is Bonnie, the ghost from Toca Boo. Wearing both the ghost costume and not, she’ll explain in a playful way how a ghost party is all about dressing up and having fun.

Ghost party invites

Printable party hats

The perfect party prop has got to be the party hat! Have your guests put it on when they arrive to get that party started.

Toca Boo party hat

Popcorn boxes, bottle stickers and spooky candy bag toppers

No party without party goodies right? In your own ghost party you can treat guests to spooky candy bags filled with sweets, boxes of yummy popcorn, and — just like in Toca Boo — bubbly soda that might make them burp 🙂

Popcorn boxes and bottle stickers

Candy bag toppers

Cupcake toppers

We like our cupcakes sweet, delicious and never-ending, so we created cupcake toppers to help us find them among all the other goodies. The characters are our friends from Toca Boo — Bonnie, of course, but also her little brother and their cuddly toys and pets.

Cupcake toppers for ghost party.

Scary spiders for a ghost party

Who’s the best companion to a cheeky little ghost? Well that’s gotta be a spider! Every spooky party needs a couple of itsy bitsy ones. Place cut out spiders at the bottom of the glass – and send a chilly surprise to your thirsty party guests.

Scary spiders for a ghost party

Download and print your own ghost party kit right here:

Ghost party invite
Toca Boo Party hat
Burp soda bottle label
Candy bag topper with ghost
Cupcake toppers with Toca Boo characters
Polka dot popcorn box
Scary spiders in different sizes
Wall banner with ghosts
Yellow and white checkered placemat

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