So far: 140,000 spilled drinks!

Parker Barry

When researching digital play, prior to the Toca Boca launch, the lack of figures and stats became very apparent. Too bad, but understandable I suppose. I won’t be giving out sales figures either, but I thought I would share some other facts and figures that could be fun for all you app developers out there. Feel free to add your own fun stats in the comments!

Helicopter Taxi (released 15th of March 2011)
* Almost 300 000 rides in Helicopter Taxi have been made (each play session is a ride, in this case)
* The median user of Helicopter Taxi uses it 1.8 times a day.
* Over 600 000 elegant helicopter landings.
* Most popular in Asia, with North America in second place.

Toca Tea Party (released 15th of March 2011)
* 140 000 drinks have been spilled in Toca Tea Party.
* The cloth with clouds is about twice a popular as the other two.
* Over 100 000 Toca Tea Parties have been held.
* The median player plays for 4 minutes, and kids play the longest in Europe and South America.
* The most popular cake is the Donut, which is eaten more than twice as often as the Jam Cookie.

Toca Doctor (and HD) (released 28th of April 2011)
* Most popular mini-game on both iPhone and iPad – “Splinters”!
* Approximately 80 000 patients have been scanned (including the HD, but not the lite versions).
* Most popular in Europe – not to hot in Africa (yet!).
* About a third of the players make it to the bonus game “Doctors Case”.

(extra transparency: this post took a little time to post, so the figures are from a few weeks back. feel free to add a few in your head! 🙂