What We’re Talking About This Week: Screen Time and the Risks of Football

Too much screen time illegal; preteen tackle football connected to brain changes.

Parker Barry

These stories caught our attention this week:

  • TIME reports that Taiwan has made it illegal to give kids too much screen time — but didn’t specify exactly what “exceeds a reasonable time.” We asked families on Facebook how much screen time is too much in their homes. Check out their comments in the post to see how screen time in your home compares.

  • A new study, as reported by Forbes, connects long-lasting brain changes and cognitive decline in NFL players to playing tackle football before age 12. Something is lost when kids spend most of their play time in structured, adult-directed team sports at the expense of less-structured, kid-directed play, and with football even more may be at risk. Are you OK with your preteen playing football? Contribute to the discussion on Facebook.




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