Pure Play in the Kitchen: Recipes for Fun

Parker Barry

Kitchens have always been a place for adults to do very serious things with food. Kitchens are rarely places to have fun. When kids are invited into the “heart of the home,” it’s often to imitate grown-ups, and to only do what they’re told. There’s no room for play.

Until now.

To celebrate the launch of our new app Toca Kitchen 2 we want to bring parents and kids together in the kitchen to have fun. That’s why we’ve created unique, playful recipes that inspire families to be more in the moment — even in the kitchen. The end goal is not perfect dishes — the idea is to inspire parents and kids to create dishes together that are all about play, inspiration and having fun.

So join us for a totally new take on cooking with kids, and please share your own creations or stories of #pureplay in the kitchen.


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