Errands with Kids? This Will Help You Keep Your Cool

Whether you're taking the kids shopping or out to eat, Pure Play tips make it more fun for all.

Parker Barry

You’ve decided to brave the holiday shopping crowds — with the kids in tow. How can you avoid meltdowns and make shopping an adventure for kids? Here are three tips for shopping with kids this holiday season.

  • 1Let them look fabulous. If your little superhero, firefighter or cowgirl doesn’t want to change into boring people clothes to go shopping, don’t fight that battle. Target doesn’t have a dress code.
  • 2. Let them help. On your shopping trips, get kids involved. Older kids can venture a bit ahead with a mission to get a specific item. Cart riders can help, too, putting produce into bags. Let kids choose items for their snacks or lunches, too, empowering them and making the experience something they look forward to.
  • 3. Choose fun restaurants. You don’t have to limit yourself to restaurants with playscapes. Weather permitting, choose a restaurant with patio seating, and kids can have a little more wiggle room. Live music can provide a fun atmosphere where kid voices blend right in. Kids will enjoy the show, dancing along or just watching, and may even find inspiration for future play.



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