One month later – what happened?

Parker Barry

It”s been almost a month since we released our first apps! Feels like yesterday but the timestamp is a bit of a giveaway. So what has happened since we spoke last? Loads of happy kids, tea parties and amazing reviews! I thought I”d share a few with you here.

Cookie from Toca Tea Party

A few cool people…
* Arctic Startup broke the story about our launch and said that our parent company had been a front runner in the Nordics when it comes to “best harness[ing] new technology for the media industry”.
* Mobil:Business followed up with a long interview with me about the thought process behind Toca Boca and the strategic fit for the project (in Swedish).
* We got a little Latvian flavor from TV NET here along with the Dutch iPadclub here.
* Our former partners rather than games…
* … and so did the legendary Bruce Sterling at Wired when he posted about Helicopter Taxi.
* The digital toy angle resonated well with too which called it “a Tonka Truck for the iPhone”.
* Our friend Andy Budd thought Helicopter Taxi was “lovely”.
* “America”s Digital Goddess” Kim Komando thought it was “pretty awesome” which made us very happy of course.
* Dentsu London said that the AR functionality in Helicopter Taxi made the experience “feel more real, live and personal”.

Some reviews…
* , a “must have”, and “perfect for anyone who loves to pretend”.
* Appadvice said they would “definitely recommend [Toca Tea Party] for anyone with a child between three and five years old, and maybe older”.
* The iPhone Mom said that Toca Tea Party was “unique, well executed and irresistible” and that Helicopter Taxi lets kids “run wild with their imagination”.
* Wired”s Geek Dad said that Helicopter Taxi was “the first app I have seen that turned my iPod Touch into a toy”.
* The Parenting Blog Screen Play …
* … along with MacWorld Sweden that

…and some fantastic fans!
* First things first – the best fan video came from Kuwait and our newly found friend Pinot who made this fantastic video below:

Toca Tea Party from Pinot on Vimeo.

* Rev Dan Catt showed us how British kids have their tea here:

* Charlie, 15 months, gave it a good shot too:

* Finally, our very first fan video! Ian and Fanny doing a very cute demo:

That was a little taster of what we”ve been smiling at over this past month. It”s been absolutely fantastic, and we look forward to many more months like this. Thanks for all your support!