4 Tips for Parents Whose Kids Love Let’s Play Videos

Parker Barry

Here are a few suggestions if your kid likes watching Let’s Play videos:

  • 2. Limit viewing Let’s Play videos as you would limit television. If you set time limits on your kids’ TV viewing, Let’s Play videos would fall under those same limits. Find out my professional advice to parents who want to set screen limits for their kid.
  • 3. Support kids in transforming watching videos into other activities. This means not simply playing the video games featured in the videos but also engaging in activities that go beyond the games, such as playing a sport, engaging in construction projects, or learning programming and modding skills. Kids might even want to make a Let’s Play video of their own.
  • 4. Talk with kids about what they’re watching. Encourage kids to think about what they’re watching and to talk to you about how they might apply what they’ve learned in their gameplay and other activities. Helping kids recognize the types of thinking skills they are using in a game and how those skills are applied in daily life will help them get the most out of their video game time.

Randy Kulman, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder and CEO of LearningWorks for Kids


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