Kids Talk: Minecraft Edition

Parker Barry

Minecraft is more than just the latest video game craze for kids. They play alone; they play with friends. They create and they destroy. They play and research and learn. Toca Magazine talked to a few Minecrafters to learn more about how and when they play.

How much do you play Minecraft?

  • Zeke, 7: Two or three times a week.
  • Carter, 9: One hour a day (sometimes all week — just one hour).
  • Addie, 10:  In my free time … for hours.
  • Karys, 11: About three hours a week.

Which version do you prefer to play? Why?

  • Zeke, 7: Pocket and PC.
  • Carter, 9: PC. Because there is a mouse.
  • Addie, 10: I prefer the computer and Xbox versions because there is so much to explore and it’s just cool to look at all of the adventures.
  • Karys, 11: PC mostly. It’s too hard to get updates on the console. I’ll play Pocket Edition sometimes.

What are you most proud of building in Minecraft?

  • Zeke, 7: My mansion.
  • Carter, 9: My house.
  • Addie, 10: I created a nether portal in Pocket Edition, and I got some really cool stuff.
  • Karys, 11: Cool houses with multiple levels — each gets more elaborate and extensive. And pixel art.

Where do you get ideas for what to create?

  • Zeke, 7: From my friends or my cousins.
  • Carter, 9: My imagination.
  • Addie, 10: YouTube!
  • Karys, 11: Books and my ideas.

Whom do you play with?

  • Zeke, 7: My sister, my cousins, my friends.
  • Carter, 9: My brother.
  • Addie, 10: My sister.
  • Karys, 11: Mostly alone, but sometimes I’ll play on a server.

Do you prefer creative or survival mode? Why?

  • Zeke, 7: Creative because you get to fly, and you don’t really die.
  • Carter, 9: Creative — no death. You don’t have monsters coming after you at night and killing you.
  • Addie, 10: Survival mode because you get to face monsters and you get to collect materials.
  • Karys, 11: Creative, because you have more freedom to do what you want and no monsters that are trying to hurt you.

What are your favorite Minecraft channels on YouTube?

  • Zeke, 7: Stampy.
  • Carter, 9: ExplodingTNT.
  • Addie, 10: Stampy and the Magic Animal Club.
  • Karys, 11: I don’t really watch any.

Do your parents play Minecraft? (And do they understand it?)

  • Zeke, 7: No.
  • Carter, 9: No.
  • Addie, 10: No and no.
  • Karys, 11: No.

Do you learn anything playing Minecraft? If so, what?

  • Zeke, 7: No.
  • Carter, 9: No, that’s why I like it!
  • Addie, 10: Yes, I learn my minerals and tools.
  • Karys, 11: If you are going to build something, always have a plan.

How would you explain Minecraft to someone who has never heard of it?

  • Zeke, 7: You can fly, swim and build in creative mode. You kill zombies and skeletons, mine diamonds, emeralds, gold, coal and iron in survival mode.
  • Carter, 9: A fun blocky world of imagination.
  • Addie, 10: It’s an adventurous game that lets you practice your survival skills, and it’s fun because you get to face monsters at nighttime.
  • Karys, 11: Everything is 3-D cubes, and you are trying to survive in the wild by building things and fending off the monsters. 2048_fun_blocky

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