What’s Your Kid’s Favorite Way to Play?

"My mind is always thinking of Minecraft" — does this sound like your kid?

Parker Barry

We’re taking a stand for play, so we asked a few kids about their favorite ways to play. Check out what they had to say:

Then we asked our friends on Facebook to tell us about their kids’ favorite to play. Not surprisingly, a lot of them chose Minecraft. LEGO, Pokemon and Survivalcraft were also favorites. And of course, Toca Boca apps were at the top of some kids’ lists! Check out some of the comments:


Paint, draw, pretend, Minecraft and of course, her Toca Boca apps. She loves Toca Town, City and Band.

 — Shameka Stephens

I may be 18, but I love Minecraft.

 — Edward Pointer

Right now, my three year old is obsessed with Toca Boo.

 — Amanda Garcia

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