Kids Talk: Dr. Seuss

Parker Barry

His wordplay is so fun, rhyming and silly,

And there’s even more to love about Dr. Seuss, really.

His stories make us laugh while teaching lessons in the end,

Like love the earth, be ourselves and know sometimes that mean guy just needs a friend.

Toca Magazine had to know, so we sat down with kids over juice

To ask and learn just what it is that they love about Dr. Seuss.

What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss story or character?

  • Caleb, 3: Hop on Pop!
  • Isaac, 4: The Cat in the Hat
  • Sophi, 9: Cindy Lou Who
  • Braden, 9: The Lorax
  • Justin, 11: The Grinch

Do you know any lines of Dr. Seuss by heart? (Let me hear you!)

  • Caleb, 3: Hop on Pop! Hop! Hop! But I won’t stop!
  • Isaac, 4:  “Your mother will not mind at all if we do!”
  • Sophi, 9: “You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose.”
  • Braden, 9: “I am the Lorax, guardian of the forest. I speak for the trees.”
  • Justin, 11: “I don’t like green eggs and ham! I don’t like them in a house. I don’t like them with a mouse.”

What have Dr. Seuss books taught you?

  • Caleb, 3: One, Two, Three, Four.
  • Isaac, 4: I don’t remember.
  • Sophi, 9: Dr. Seuss taught me to read a lot of books so you can know more stuff about places.
  • Braden, 9: I can’t think of anything.
  • Justin, 11: The Sneeches taught me “Be like yourself. Not a copy of someone else.”

Can you rhyme like Dr. Seuss? (Let me hear you!)

  • Caleb, 3: Don’t tell me right now. Ask me tomorrow.
  • Isaac, 4: Silly the killy.
  • Sophi, 9: Nice, Happy, Sparkly, Excited. You’ve got all these different feelings inside ya!
  • Braden, 9: I wrote this poem like Dr. Seuss:

balloon balloon You are in the air.

balloon balloon Smoky or clear. I may not see you but I know you’re there.

balloon balloon Your helium shines in the light.

balloon balloon I see you through the keyhole.

balloon balloon You might just make my day.

balloon balloon You won’t be there forever, but I take it while it lasts.

balloon balloon I wish you were there forever but I look at you from my chair even in bad weather.

  • Justin, 11: Nah, I can’t. My brother can, though!


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