Join Toca Boca’s “Rimstuga” For Christmas!

It's Swedish-style holiday rhyming fun!

Parker Barry

It wouldn’t be a proper Swedish Christmas without scribbling down a rhyme for your gift.

Be inspired by anything silly from doodle-i-doo to Taylor Swift.

The tradition is to guess what’s inside the gift in shiny red.

You may think you know, but you’re most often being misled!

Join Toca Boca in the Christmas rhyming fun;

Go ahead and invite your loved one.

To help get you in the mood,

Take a minute and prepare some Christmas-y snacks or Christmas-y food.

Don’t forget the classic mulled wine,

And turn on your favorite music to loosen up your writer’s mind.

If you’re stuck on words that don’t make sense,

Swap them around or try a different tense.

But what’s most important isn’t the best rhyme,

It’s hanging out spending quality time!

Make it a cozy night to remember.

We hope you have a lot of fun rhyming this December!

Head over to our Holiday Gift Guide to see what we wrote for our favorite gifts.

Make your kids happy — get what’s at the top of their Toca Boca wish lists!


* “Rimstuga” means to gather your friends and rhyme together on all your Christmas gifts!

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