Introducing: Toca Lab

Parker Barry

Calling all future scientists!

Time to put on your lab coat and protective eye gear because things are about to get experimental. Head into the lab and start exploring and discover the world of science!

Toca Lab is for your little one, to be inspired and explore all 118 elements in the periodic table. Each element has its own personality. What does Neon sound like? Is Nitrogen squishy or hard? Explore and experiment your way thought our very own quirky take on the periodic table. It’s a new fun way to create curiosity in the world of science!

The great team behind this toy is:

Play Designer: Mårten Brüggeman
Project Manager: Fredrik Telenius
Programmer: Lucas Kampmann Duroj
Programmer: Lena Fernqvist
Artist: Jonas Löfgren
Technical Artist: Peter Stråhle
3D Artist and Animator: Christoffer Svenningsson
Producer: Emil Ovemar