Introducing: Toca Kitchen

Parker Barry

We are super proud and happy to announce that our latest toy Toca Kitchen is released today.

We’ve been wanting to make something around the topic of food and cooking for quite some time. The challenge was to make it as free and fun as our other apps, and not to fall into the pitfalls of stress and strict rules that many other cooking games have. We chose to keep it completely open in terms of sequence order — you can cook all food in any way, and in any order — but add a little character preference as a spice. You can learn what each character likes and dislikes and then choose to cook their favorite food for them. They (almost) eat everything, but don’t always get too excited about it. This is up to you to find out and play around with!

Personally, I think this might be our best toy so far. If you’d like to give it a try, it’s out today and is $1.99/€1,59 for an app that works both on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Our team for this beautiful toy was:

Jens Peter de Pedro – Play Designer
Emil Berner – Art Director
Eric Alm, Andrey Zhukov & Jack Nutting – Playsmiths
Lisa Jonsson – Sound Design
Emil Ovemar – Producer

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