Introducing: Toca Boca diary! Letter #1.

Parker Barry

Spring has finally arrived in Stockholm and the Toca Boca team is busy being really creative. We are currently working on three new digital toys. Unfortunately, the exact themes can’t be revealed just yet, but we are pretty sure the toys will all be pretty amazing once we release them later this year. And what better way to celebrate everything new that is coming up than by starting a new project – a Toca Boca diary in this blog! Written by me, Paulina, the Toca Boca Community Manager.

So, what have we been up to lately?

Our CEO, Björn, has been focusing on establishing our presence and new office in San Francisco office. His schedule is already getting packed with interesting meetings, regarding ad campaigns, sponsorships, and other collaborations. As an example, we are currently sponsoring one of our favorite podcasts, Boing Boing’s “Apps for kids” with the amazing Mark Frauenfelder and his daughter and co-host Jane. Check it out if you haven’t. Björn is also the Toca Boca team’s official iPad provider. Thanks to him, a couple of new iPads are now on their way to Stockholm. Very exciting!

Emil, our producer, has mostly been assisting the rest of the team with a huge number of different things – big and small. He has provided feedback regarding the new digital toys that are being developed, helped our office manager Lina look for a new Stockholm office, planned new recruitments, had meetings with interesting people, and provided the office with great, inspirational music.

I, Paulina, have mainly been working on managing the redesign of tour official website – Smaller design changes are in the making, and an improved support section will be added. We are also planning to add a small webshop for selling Toca Boca t-shirts. I have also been browsing plenty of amazing mommy blogs and made plans for the World Autism Awareness Day, which takes place on April 2. Stay tuned!

The developers have been working on updating all our apps, making sure they all work on the new iPad. In addition, a couple of minor changes/updates have been added. Some examples: Paint My Wings, now has a “snapshot saving” setting which allows you to turn off snapshot saving. Toca Kitchen now supports more cuts, has salt and pepper shakers, and a “vegetarian food only” setting. The gift giving mini game in Toca House has been redesigned slightly, with small tags that make the activity more intuitive.

And what about our graphic designers? They have been sketching with markers. Hundreds of them! This must be the most amazing collection of markers ever, right?!

Markers galore

What’s up next? Among other things, a very cool little treat for Easter. So, keep your eyes open!

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Have a great week,