The Creativity Issue: A Note from the Editor

We're focusing on a topic that matters to us all.

Parker Barry

mag_600Welcome to Toca Magazine! We’ve decided to bring Toca Boca’s online magazine for parents to the print world. If you’re not yet familiar with Toca Boca, we’re a play studio that makes apps for kids. Toca Boca is the No. 1 mobile-first kids’ brand in the App Store with 32 apps and counting. We launched in 2014 to connect with parents on topics that matter to us: kids, family and the power of play.

In our debut print issue, we’re focusing on a topic that matters to us all: creativity. We understand that creativity is important for the future — you’ll read more about that in this issue. But in a changing world, what does creativity look like? What impact does technology have on kids’ creativity? And how can parents recognize and nurture this superpower in their kids?

These are questions we asked ourselves for this issue. To find the answers, we talked to the childhood experts you’d expect — adults — as well as some childhood experts you might not expect — kids themselves. In fact, one of our primary goals at Toca Magazine is to share kids’ perspectives on the world and their everyday lives. Kids are people with their own views on everything, and when we listen, we learn.

We understand that creativity is important for the future.

We think you’ll see a bit of your own kids in some of the kids we talked with for this issue. I certainly did. My daughter is a talented visual artist — a traditional form of creativity that is fairly easy to recognize and support. My son expresses his creative strengths differently, and in ways that didn’t even exist when I was a kid (Minecraft, anyone?). We hope the stories in this issue will inspire you to keep supporting your own child’s creativity, however it manifests.

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Thank you for checking us out — we think you’ll like what we’re about.

Toca Magazine Staff

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Andrew Lovold | Producer

Sherry Shen | Marketing Director

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Dana Villamagna | Copy Editor

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